Monday, June 13, 2011

Zee Machine

Rather than introduce myself, the blog, or my (non-existent) pet goldfish, it seems only appropriate to introduce the sewing machine. (That’s what you’re here for anyway, isn’t it?)

Ta-Dah! My Emerald 183 from Husqvarna. It was my birthday present this year (and, I suspect, also a ploy to keep me away from my mother’s Pfaff). I won’t review it much, since I’m not exactly a sewing guru except to say that I love it muchly. I found the bobbin tension a little finicky in the beginning until a sewing instructor showed me a few tricks (basically wrap the tread around all the little metal bits on top of the machine. I’ll take a picture next time I need to thread a bobbin).

The other thing I will say is IT DOES BUTTON HOLES! And not crap button holes either! Button holes and I have a problematic history, mainly because the aforementioned Pfaff does not play with with buttons. My mother’s machine before that had similar issues (though that was probably also due to nine year old operator error). But now there are button holes and there is much rejoicing.

Moral of story: let your mom pick out your sewing machine. For she knows The Ways and carries The Cards of Credit and Debit.

image from Husqvarna Viking

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