Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am an Oregonian and I am a rain snob

Just in case you didn't know, Oregonians have a thing about not carrying umbrellas. (Or rain boots much for that matter, I never knew where to buy them until I moved to Chicago) Yes, it rains a lot. Yes, I have been caught in torrential downpours and end up looking like the worst kind of drowned rat. Do I carry an umbrella? No. I have even been known to silently judge people in Chicago that walk around campus in full raincoats and rain boots and with giant umbrellas. In a light drizzle. Sometimes even when it isn't even actually raining but just looked like it might possibly begin to threaten to rain.
I understand that this is probably unfair. I'm trying to be a bigger person and acknowledge that these people will be the ones laughing at me when I sit at my desk with my own personal Great Lake of a puddle because I refused an umbrella during a veritable midwestern monsoon.
This umbrella DIY from What I Wore might let me overcome my prejudice. Maybe. Probably not, but it would look fabulous though! Now I just need to find an umbrella somewhere...

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